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Sarah and Daniel | TS Glide Ranch Wedding Photographer

TS Glide Ranch WeddingSarah and Daniel

They met in Seattle, October of 2010. Both nurses, starting jobs at Harborview Medical Center. They first met at orientation. It was a large campus, and had both walked to the wrong building that morning and weren’t sure where to go. Sarah and Daniel sat next to each other that week. Daniel was new to Seattle from Portland, and Daniel asked Sarah to show him around the city in exchange for a surfing trip.

TS Glide Ranch Wedding PhotographerTS Glide Ranch Wedding Photography

Sarah, what do you LOVE about Daniel?

I love Daniel’s strength, compassion, sensitivity and intelligence. He is truly in his soul a kind and thoughtful person. He is perceptive, patient and an incredibly good listener. What I admire most about him is that he is a hard worker, he is fair and he is ethical. He is also very adaptable. Daniel never really has outright funny jokes, but when he shares his perspective on different things it’s hilarious. I love his outlook on situations. Sometimes when I see something as negative or I am annoyed, he sees it in a different light and turns it into something humorous. I love that about him.Daniel always keeps me in mind. He is selfless and truly cares about my happiness. He encourages me when I need it, compliments me when I’m doing well, and supports me when I’m not. He does small things every day that let me know that he loves and cares about me. He also makes me vegetarian meals!”

TS Glide Ranch Wedding PhotosTS Glide Ranch

Daniel, what do you LOVE about Sarah?

I love that her first instincts are always kindness, goodness, and fairness. Sarah is naturally a good person she never assumes the worse in people. Sarah truly has the most stable personality of anyone I know currently and have ever known. She always assumes the better in people and situations. Listening. Sarah is the best person in the world to have a conversation with because she truly listens and offers pragmatic guidance and advice. I love that I can talk to her about anything, she is non-judgmental and smart. She is the first person I go to for advice. She always takes her time to listen and really think about everything in a situation before offering her piece. Her patience. Sarah has wonderful patience with people and situations. Sarah is able to understand that other people may be having stress and that a little patience is all that is needed. I most admire her kindness/goodness that emanates from her heart to her mind and out to her actions that makes everyone she ever comes in contact with know things are right in the world. She has an amazing glow and feeling to her. I don’t know of anyone who has met Sarah and not liked her.”

TS Glide Ranch WeddingsTS Glide Ranch Wedding in DavisDavis Wedding PhotographerDavis Wedding PhotographyDavis Wedding PhotographsDavis WeddingDavis Wedding PhotosSacramento Wedding PhotographerSacramento Wedding Photography

Venue: TS Glide Ranch | Wedding Dress Designer: Wtoo | Flower Designer: Verbena Flower and Trimmings  | Officant: Cindie Wilding | Catering: Buckhorn Catering | Cake Designer: Freeport Bakery | DJ/MC: Ross Brenner

Congratulations Sarah and Daniel!

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Denise Birdsong - October 12, 2014 - 2:10 am

Beautiful imagery of a rustic wedding.

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Jin Hei and Joshua | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Jin Hei and Joshua

San Francisco Wedding PhotographySan Francisco Wedding

What was the first thing you though of when you saw each other?

Josh: She’s cute.

Jin Hei: He’s tall.

San Francisco Wedding Photos

Joshua, what do you LOVE about Jin Hei?

It’s hard not to sound too cliche, but everything. She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. It’s such a rare thing to find someone that you feel so comfortable with, who completely loves you for being YOU.Not to mention that she might be the most patient woman in the world. It took me a while to figure it out, but we’re finally here. The best things come to those who wait, right?”

San Francisco Wedding PhotographsSan Francisco Engagement Photographer

Jin Hei, what do you LOVE about Joshua?

“He has a true heart. And he makes a great cup of coffee in the morning.”

San Francisco Engagement PhotographySan Francisco Engagement Photos

Joshua and Jin Hei, looking forward to you lovely Lake Tahoe wedding this Fall!

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