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Chimdi and Xia | Napa Wedding Photographer

The Proposal

(told by Chimdi)

“I took Xia on a private cable car tour of San Francisco. She didn’t know it was private, she just thought no one else showed up for the tour since it rained a little. We went to a few of the city’s landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped at the Palace of Legion of Honor and took a self-guided tour. After we walked out of the building I proposed right in front of the beautiful site. My proposal sounded something like this “Will you be my wife, with your cute self?” And she said yes!”

Xia, what do you love about Chimidi?

“I love his love for God and his unwavering faith in God. I love his ability to always stay calm and collected no matter what; he keeps me sane and grounded. I love his work ethic, he has big dreams and he works hard to achieve them and he always encourages me to do the same. I also love how he always makes me laugh, sometimes I take life and myself too serious and he makes life more fun.”

Chimdi, what do you love about Xia?

“I love the fact that she is a God fearing woman first. I love the love she has for me and how deep it runs. I love the way she always carries a part of me with her no matter where she goes. I love the fact that she will follow me to the end of the earth, all the while making sure I don’t do anything silly to fall over the edge.”

Chimdi plays for the Oakland Raiders so it was fun incorporating some of his profession into their engagement session.

selection slideshow below

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Ashton Robert | Napa Newborn Photographer

Handsome Ashton was born at home (Whoo hoo for home births) on April 17th at 10:21 pm at 7.0 lbs, 20.5 inches long

In 2010 Alyssa’s father Robert passed away from pancreatic cancer. Before his passing he wrote in one of Alyssa’s favorite childhood books, A Fish Out of Water, by Dr. Seuss.

“To my grandchildren, you can not imagine how much I enjoyed sharing this story with your mother when she was a little girl. May you share the joy and pleasure we once celebrated. – Your loving Grandpa”

Ashton’s first best friend, Wilson!

 Congratulations, Anthony and Alyssa on your sweet boy!

Shannon Morse - July 16, 2014 - 8:52 pm

So sweet! And adorable baby!

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