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Rock N Water Reunion | Personal

There are a small number of people out there that would believe
that this Sassy-Fancy Nancy, ME was a river and rock climbing guide…fifteen years ago.

Photos courtesy of Raft Photo

We lived at the river, showered outdoors, wore Tevas all day: every day, slave dogged long hours…but I enjoyed every moment of the five seasons I worked with Rock N Water. What an awesome experience I had not only physical but spiritually. Life was simple… no TV, no cell phone, no IPOD… (most of those weren’t even invented though) nothing just you, your fellow staff members and the awesome campers that came to experience life on the end. There is something about being in nature that draws you closer to God.

Last weekend Kurt and I had an awesome time dipping our feet into the world of Rock N Water again and reunite with all the past 20 years of employees . It was a super fun day of food, fun and rafting. Despite being a bit out of shape and a little tuckered out, the reunion was a blast.

Craig (owner and director) reminiscing about the past…

Sweet Heather and little Courtney

Thank you RNW for putting this together. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you minister to our youth.
Stay tuned for an amazing video that Kurt took with our Go Pro Water Proof Camera…

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Boo and Bubba | El Dorado Hills Child Photographer

Now that our Boo is well over four years old and sweet Bubba is eighteen months we thought it would be a wonderful time to photograph them at this stage. So, the other day we went to our local town centre and cruised the sidewalks…

Boo is a spunky eighteen year old trapped in a four year old’s body. She surprises us daily with her deep thoughts and challenging questions. This summer she has enjoyed swimming, our library (favorites books are I Spy and Where’s Waldo), farmer’s market visits, playing with her neighborhood friends, day camp and vacation bible school. She absolutely LOVES to draw and color…everyday. We have a huge stack of her beautiful artwork that we rotate through-out the house.
She is looking forward to starting preschool again in the Fall.

Bubba is such a sweet spirited boy. He’s our little cuddle bug. His favorite sayings are, “What’s that?” “Thanks!” Where’d it go?” “Snack?” “Mom!” “Dad!” He adores TRUCKS and will point out everyone of them on the road, parked in a parking lot, in the driveway etc… He even sleeps with his trucks! He our little vegetarian.
He so enjoys veggies and fruit. Just like his sister he loves to dance and sing…especially in front of the camera.

He loves his hat!

We are so blessed with these two little sweetie pies!
Thank you Boo and Bubba for blessing me with laughter and allowing me to be a child all over again!

Sylvia Borgo Photography - July 30, 2009 - 8:33 pm

Gorgeous color and pop to these great images of two super stars! Love them!

Arley - August 2, 2009 - 5:29 am

Love the kids! Pink shirt on the girl with the sunglasses and the heels- so cute! The boy is just adorable. You've truely captured their personalities.

Adam Squier - September 2, 2009 - 6:47 pm

That pink door is amazing. You have a wonderful gift.

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Brent Jen and the kids | Sacramento Family Photographer

It was so nice to take a drive to Downtown Sacramento and photograph Brent Jen and their sweet children the other day.
I love the city! The bustling sounds, the smell of orange trees mixed with wet cement,
and all the fabulous restaurants (Tapa the World and Waterboy) makes you need Sacramento!

Brent Jen Josh Hannah and Jackson, I had an absolute blast with all of you! Super Smiles, Super Fun!
Jackson, thanks for being my helper…Wallace will be so jealous that I saw you!

I always enjoy photographing your family. Thank you!

Mike Richards - July 29, 2009 - 2:54 pm

Wow, now that family has some blue eyes! Great shots…bet they are very happy. You captured their personalities well!

Pure Emotions Photography - July 29, 2009 - 4:38 pm

How fun! I love the shot of the little one kissing daddy on the cheek. I love how you spaced them out for the group shots on the stairs as well as the last shot on the poles. You filled your space well, compositionally speaking and your colors and clarity are excellent!

Annie Warren - July 30, 2009 - 12:12 am

These are beautiful Mariea…. the family must be thrilled to pieces! I love the crisp, vibrant colours…. it's like eye candy. The photo of the kids running is fantastic. Definitely my fave!

Sylvia Borgo - July 31, 2009 - 4:31 am

Ohhh, my goodness! What a great looking family! I love that last shot! Clever and gorgeous!

carolyn jones - July 31, 2009 - 4:30 pm

Awesome Family Session!!! I love the colors and mom (or dad) did a really awesome job of coordinating everyone!!! Very fun stuff!

Arley - August 2, 2009 - 5:32 am

I love the use of architecture in these photographs. The beautiful family, all those blonds with blue eyes, just gorgeous coloring!

Daisha - August 4, 2009 - 9:18 pm

That last shot with each family member sitting on his or her own perch is awesome – I love the posing on that one. I also dig that this family coordinated their clothing without matching perfectly! These images have so much personality – the family must be thrilled!

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Sheetal and Rinkal | Viaggio Winery Wedding Photographer

I was in complete awe as a photographed Sheetal and Rinkal’s beautiful wedding day. The two of them exchanged vows in a Hindu wedding ceremony surrounded by their close friends and family. I was not only amazed, because this was my first East Indian wedding, but I truly could feel the spiritual unity of both families coming together as they interacted

Viaggio Winery

Hair and makeup done by Carol of Bellissimo Brides


First glance…

After receiving blessings from God and his parents, Rinkal arrives to the wedding location accompanied by his
family members and friends who dance in celebration during the procession.

Sheetal’s mother,accompanied mainly by female family members welcomes Rinkal and his family…

Applying a Red Tilak signifying good luck and Lord’s blessing upon him.

Sheetal’s hand is placed on the right hand of Rinkal by her father, showing that he is placing
his daughter’s happiness and life in Rinkal’s trust.

Sheetal and Rinkal I am incredibility grateful to have been part of your beautiful day. Your love for another is evident.
Much blessings to you both….

I had so much fun shooting with you, Scott Andrew Thank you!

Carrie - June 20, 2009 - 4:29 pm

Wow, the colors are so vibrant! What a beautiful wedding.

renay - August 7, 2009 - 7:29 am

Vivid colors. I like how each family member is sitting on one of the posts. Creative use of your environment which is otherwise intrusive.

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